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The Social Network

Of course “The Social Network” revolves around Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and how he established it. But there are certain sections in the movie that show how intertwined humanity is in the Internet. One night while intoxicated Mark hacks the networks of several schools. He creates a site to rank girls called  Within no more than 2 hours the site received twenty-two thousand hits. According to the Administrate Board Mark was accused of “intentionally breaching security, violating copyrights, violating individual privacy by creating the website”, set up overnight with no intended purpose was able to violate the rights of many students. Mark has the power of technology at his fingertips and choses to violate others.
But with the negative of networking comes the positive. Mr.Kenwright states that his daughter had just seen the rowing race via Facebook. Details about the event that occurred today would already be known tomorrow. Though, not physically present Facebook would permit thousands to experience events in their own homes with a few clicks. Lastly, Sean elaborates on a picture sharing idea that concedes with social life. He says “it is the true digitization of real life…you don’t just go to a party anymore. You go to a party with a digital camera, and then your friends relive the party online.” Generally speaking the Internet has truly become a “digitalization of real life” because people have befriended others around the world and have also experienced concerts, debates, and among other events.

1984: 2+2=5

Throughout the book I had faith in Winston. Maybe he would be the one that made a difference or informed the proles of possibilities. We see that he isn’t as rebellious as others because when arrested he observes other prisoners and thinks they are offensive. He points out the differences between Party prisoners and the others. George Orwell’s 1984 is disturbing because there is no hope among the proles or the so called Brotherhood. Winston, earlier wrote “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follow.” (81)  After Winston is “cured” by the Ministry we see that mindlessly he traces onto the dust of his table 2+2=5. This is most horrifying because despite all rebellion he has conformed. Julia and Winston’s spirits are broken; all forms of rebellion against the Ministry are futile.  As O’Brien means to degrade and humiliate Winston he says “you are the guardian of the human spirit.” (270) In order to show how man has disintegrated O’Brien makes Winston see himself as he is.  He describes Winston as an old looking man suffering from a malicious disease and a bag of filth. The spirit of humanity like Winstons is weak and dies out. Technology is not to blame for the disastrous turnout of humanity. Yes, telescreen’s and other instruments are used to spy on people. Along with electronics the government relies on the children to spy because they are brain washed.  Civilization is to blame for the betrayal of human rights because they have accepted every lie.

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