What’s the point?

On the Beach, a haunting, horrifying and depressing novel surrounding the inevitable death of all humanity because of radioactive poisoning. After reading through Shute’s novel I thought about the most common question, what would you do if your world would come to an end in a few months? Would you respond like the characters within the book and live as if nearing death had no affect, quit your job, wonder about the non-existent future or just settle for the suicide pill mentioned in the novel? Personally I don’t think I could answer these question’s.

As Moira is speaking to Dwight about jobs she says that a lot of people simply stopped going to work and carry on as if they’ve retired. Dwight responds “A man has a right to do the things he wants to do in the last months, if he can get by with the money.” (63) I agree why continue working if it makes no difference. Within the last few months of my life I rather not stress myself out with meaningless things. Moira says there is no sense in wasting time on completing a typing course for a job. She says there wouldn’t be enough time to complete or make use of it afterward. The effort is pointless, and prorates quickly change.

Earlier John Osborne makes an observation and states that people like animals creep away to die. He says “they’re probably all in bed”. Peter and Mary agree to take their suicide pill and take their child Jennifer with them.  They take their pills together in their bed. It almost seems peaceful and normal. But it’s upsetting because Peter must make preparations to kill his family. What kind of bothered me was the fact that Mary was worried about the house setting on fire. So before taking their pills Peter has to turn the electricity off. What difference will that make, they’re going to be dead.

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