The Road

Before watching The Road directed by John Hillcoat,  I described On the Beach as haunting, horrifying and depressing. But I was mistaken because The Road truly depicts how haunting, horrifying, depressing and disgusting earth and humanity could be. Shute’s post apocalyptic novel in comparison to the movie is utopic. The people are calm, collected and nonviolent.  I think McCarthy’s post apocalyptic story is sadly more realistic. The movie shows many of the characters living by survival of the fittest. The amount of time that as passed in the movie is a major influence on how people behave. Everything within the movie is destructive. There are no crops left and food is scares. Man has become the harvested. The few survivors travel alone and trust very few because they fear strangers maybe cannibals. They are constantly suspicious and question the people they encounter. They accuse strangers of following them.

*Bit of a tangent but in 1993 I saw a movie called Alive. It was based on a true story about Uruguayan’s that crashed into the Andes Mountains. The people partook in cannibalism in order to survive.  I found the section on YouTube if anyone’s interested in seeing it just forward it to 7:30

The reason I mention the movie based on true events is because many believe the majority of humanity would not sink to the cannibalism. But in order to survive I guess it is very possible. The father and son stumbled upon a house with cannibals who have basically harvested humans. I have to admit I fast forward through that section because it was too much to handle.

Aside from cannibalism that goes on in the movie there is suicide. On the Beach many have committee suicide tidily away in their beds with pills. Yes, suicide is bad but there is something peaceful about their method. The Road, suicide is more violent. The father and son walk into another home and see 3 people hanging. I assume it is a family that has committed suicide together. After that scene the father shows his son how to properly commit suicide. He says “you put it in your mouth and you point it up, just like I showed you” he has apparently demonstrated the act multiple times. Instead of starving or being taken by cannibals, suicide becomes the answer.


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