“Is that rain or isn’t it?”

“Just because it’s on the radio doesn’t mean we have to suspend belief in the evidence of our senses.” (23) Jack says this to his son when pointing out at the moment it is raining. For the most part we all trust our senses because we can see and feel rain. But Heinrich responds to his father by saying “our senses? Our senses are wrong a lot more often than they’re right” (23) Heinrich has a mind of his own and at times knows more information than his father.  But like the community I think he repeats what he learns from the radio as truth. This is a result of media influence. It seems like a twilight zone where everything the radio states becomes reality.  After the Nyodene D toxin hits, the symptoms of contamination are changed multiple times. At first it’s only suppose to cause irritated skin and sweaty palms. Then Heinrich informs Babette that people should be vomiting. The radio then reports that Nyodene D causes heart palpitation and déjà vu instead. Steffie reports déjà vu experience but at that point Jack says, “Déjà vu, however, was no longer a working symptom of Nyodene contamination.” (125) Jack worried that she would develop every symptom due to the fact that it is suggested. Babette says  “they get them only when they’re broadcast,” (133) I don’t know if these comments are suppose to be taken literally. But does suggestion have enough power to make the symptoms real and is this something like a placebo affect.

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